Professional Development

Most of the professional development workshops we offer are available as a six to seven hour course, a condensed half-day class lasting three and a half to four hours, and as a presentation of approximately 30 minutes to one hour in length suitable for use as a luncheon, dinner or keynote address.

Facilitated workshops offered include:

Transitioning from Management to Leadership
Most of us move into leadership positions from a management background and although they aren?t mutually exclusive they are very different.This session explores design and default leadership styles and helps you identify, and furnish, the kind of leadership your organization needs from you.

Building More Effective Boards and Committees
Organizational governance can be challenging and yet it?s a crucial component of your organization achieving its goals and objectives. This hermes fake seminar covers inclusive decision-making, identifying and overcoming problems with board structure and function, recruiting and succession planning, new board member orientation and mentoring, collaborative problem solving, and evaluation methods replica hermes for measuring board effectiveness.

Collaborating for Clout
Taking cooperation and coordination to the next level-true collaboration harnesses the combined energy and wisdom or entire organizations to pull in the same direction. Collaborating is not something that comes naturally to most of us and we explain why and ways to gucci replica improve this important skill. This seminar provides insight and methods for establishing and maintaining collaborative relationships that increase your organizational, and your personal, effectiveness many times over.

Have We Reached Consensus?
A frequently asked question but what does it mean? Consensus is both a process and an outcome, relying gucci fake on the observance of very specific processes, typically resulting in broadly supported decisions that we all find desirable. We?ll show you how to do it and discuss when it?s most, and least, applicable to your organization.

Persuasive replica bags Business Presentations
Whether you offer them to a large audience or a single person, the way you present your ideas largely determines how you, and your concepts, are received. Ultimately it?s not what you say but what others hear and see that is important. We?ll work with you one-on-one and as a group to organize your content and enhance your delivery.

Everyone?s an Advocate
Everyone who believes in an idea can be a persuasive advocate for that idea. We will demonstrate what works, and what doesn?t work, to influence public policy makers and others. The workshop includes how handbags replica to craft and implement a plan, for an organization or an individual, to deliver a message in a coordinated, timely, and persuasive manner.

Understanding and Adjusting to Behaviors
Based on DiSC concepts of behavioral style this eye-opening seminar helps determine your specific behavioral style and includes important information to help you recognize and adapt to other?s behavioral styles resulting in improved interpersonal communications. Course includes a DiSC self evaluation and interpretation.

Managing the Media
Imagine how meaningful it would be to have the media working with you. This course outlines what motivates the media so you can structure your press relationships to fulfill their needs, and yours, making the press a positive partner in your efforts.

Principled Negotiating
Settlements don?t last unless everyone gets what they need. Based on the Harvard Negotiation Project this stimulating course delves into the process of effective negotiation based on reason, principle, and determining, and satisfying, the underlying needs of others.

Better Business Writing
Have you ever had the intent of an e-mail or memo misunderstood? An e-mail can go around the world to thousands in the blink of an eye so it?s more important than ever to be accurate and understood the first time.

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