Strategic Planning

Have you ever sat through a meeting and thought �I�m not sure where we�re going; but we�re on our way.�? How do you know which direction to go if you don�t have a firm idea of your desired destination? How will your organization stay on track if you do not have clearly defined goals? How will you prioritize activities and resources if you�re not sure of your goal? Association Strategies provides comprehensive strategic planning services for all types of organizations.

We believe that one size does not fit all. We have facilitated strategic planning for government and non-governmental organizations requiring public input and comment and in-depth research resulting in plans that pass significant public scrutiny. We have worked with small and large companies to create both strategic and business plans to help guide them through a competitive environment. We have prepared planning sessions based on communicated needs that went out the window in favor of a creative brain storming style session because the participating planners suddenly wanted to go another direction. The results are frequently very similar and always useful regardless of format, as long as the essential processes are observed and the important topics are covered, and we make sure that happens.

We prepare for any eventuality because our experience indicates you can never be sure what type of process will yield the best results for any one group and we know a clear and easy to implement plan is what it�s all about.

We work with you before, during and after a strategic planning session so you, and we, know what is expected and necessary. We will ensure the session proceeds in a meaningful way for your group and that you receive the plan you need in a format you can use.

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